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Eating on the Run
Feel like your life revolves around planes, trains and automobiles? Learn how to eat healthily on the road. Even if fast food is your only choice, you will learn what to choose and what to avoid like the plague! Simple pre-travel strategies will keep you energized and fit on your next trip.
Fats of Life
No need to be fat phobic! Fat does the body good! Plus we all know it makes our food taste better. Find out what fats you need to push aside and which ones you can slip back into your healthy diet.
Good Carb, Bad Carb
Carbohydrates provide our body with much needed energy and help stabilize our mood too! But, not all carbohydrates are created equal. Learn how to strike the right balance of carbs in your diet!
How to Eat with Diabetes
Eat all your food favorites and still manage your blood sugar levels too! Yes, you can even enjoy a tasty ice cream come with smart meal planning. Learn how to balance your plate for your best health while keeping your taste buds happy.
Cholesterol Management 101
Keep your ticker happy with simple diet tricks to lower saturated and trans fats while boosting heart friendly soluble fiber. No need to eat flavorless chicken and bland vegetables. Learn how to keep your menu delicious while keeping your heart fit and strong.
Healthy Habits, Healthy You!
Is that you eating in your car again? Are you the one in line at Starbucks ordering up a special treat because you “forgot” to eat breakfast once again this morning? If the mere word “exercise” makes you feel uneasy, maybe it’s time you cleaned up your act! Healthy habits will make a healthier you. Learn how to incorporate a new habit or two to get you closer to your weight and health goals.
The Tasty Rainbow
This nutrition workshop teaches children the importance of eating brightly colored fruits and vegetables to keep their bodies strong. We will create silly rice cake faces and colorful fruit kabobs while listening to healthy food songs that will keep the kids singing and having fun! Each participant is encouraged to keep a chart noting what colored fruits and vegetables they eat in one week!
B is for Bones
This interactive class explains why calcium and Vitamin D are the key ingredients necessary to nourish growing teeth and bones! Like a plant needs water and sun to develop, growing kids need calcium and sun too! Vitamin D is the “sunshine vitamin” and is important for healthy bones and teeth. Delectable yogurt smoothies and healthy milkshakes will be created and sampled revealing how good it tastes to keep our bones healthy. Yum!
Junk Food Jam
Too much junk food makes anyone feels down in the dumps. In this class, kids will see the amount of added sugar in their favorite fruit punch, soda, cereals and snacks. Fast foods fat content will be shown with visual tools revealing the actual fat content of various items! Yuck! Kids will learn how the food they eat can impact their growing body’s health. Tasty, kid-approved snacks will be sampled all while listening to some jammin’ tunes about eating healthy!



Looking for an interactive and energetic A+ presentation? Kate Scarlata delivers. Kate is an internationally recognized FODMAP diet expert. Kate’s passion and expertise is digestive health in areas such as IBS, the low FODMAP diet, celiac disease and gluten free Living. She engages and enlightens her audience revealing the connection between nutrition, digestion and human health. Her professional presentations have been heard across the US for the medical community (Massachusetts Dietetic Association, Harvard Medical School, Lahey Clinic, Lahey Clinic Ocean Edge GI Conference, Yankee Dental Congress and the upcoming 17th American Neurogastroenterology and Motility Society Scientific Meeting) and in the corporate setting (American Express, EMC2, Whole Foods Market, Life Works and more.) Kate is a "repeat performer"—asked back repeatedly to speak again! For a dynamic food and nutrition webinar speaker, contact Kate.


Kate has authored/co-authored numerous publications including 3 books and countless articles. Interested in the low FODMAP diet? Check out Kate’s newly published e-booklets. For writing samples, interviews and Kate’s media work, visit the media section. Looking for a freelance health writer? Need some professional food and nutrition handouts? Desire some creative, tasty and healthy recipe creations? Contact Kate to discuss your project needs.


Need a reputable resource to discuss hot nutrition topics in the media? Kate’s been featured on Fox 25 Boston News, BBN, and numerous radio outlets.

Nutritional Counseling

Kate provides nutritional consultation for a variety of health conditions: IBS, celiac disease, diabetes, weight management, and more. She is one of the nations top experts in the area of the FODMAPs diet approach and digestive health. Kate offers two practice locations in Boston and one in Medway, MA. Call the location of your choice to secure an appointment today! View Insurance information »