Sharing your stories will help raise awareness of IBS and SIBO. 

Telling your story can be healing AS WELL AS POSITIVELY impact others.
Many people that suffer with GI symptoms often feel unheard and suffer in silence.
It is my aspiration to change THIS with THE

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It takes guts to talk about your guts. #IBelieveinyourStory

I believe that more funding should be allocated to #IBS, a disorder that impacts up to 20% of AMERICANS. #IBelieveinyourStory

Work with a GI doctor & dietitian to guide your #IBS treatment. #findyourdreamteam #IBelieveinyourStory

I am grateful for new low #FODMAP certified food products. #IBelieveinyourStory

I hope that all GI doctors & dietitians have access to up-to-date #SIBO & #IBS research. #IBelieveinyourStory

I am grateful for the research done in the area of #SIBO & #IBS.  #IBelieveinyourStory


Eleanor's Story

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