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University of Michigan and Dr. Bill Chey are leading the way in nutritional care, research and education for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). As one of the research groups evaluating the efficacy of the low FODMAP diet for IBS, your support will help us to better understand how diet and food content effect the GI System to provide treatments for patients. To learn more about the Dr. Chey's innovative research at University of Michigan, click here

Cedars-Sinai and Dr. Mark Pimentel have provided landmark research for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and irritable bowel syndrome. As research is often underfunded in this area, your donation can make a big impact. Cedars-Sinai is honored to announce an anonymous donor has pledged to match every gift up to $100,000 to the IBS Research Fund now through June 30, 2017. The partnership formed through this matching gift challenge is a significant opportunity to raise a total of $200,000 to uphold Dr. Mark Pimentel’s promising IBS/SIBO research.