Nutritional Counseling | For a Digestive Peace of Mind
Kate & Toni provide nutritional consultations for a variety of digestive health conditions: IBS, celiac disease, IBD, SIBO and more. To book an appointment, please call 508-533-0800 

For all press related inquiries including partnerships, magazine contributions/interviews, freelance writing, and exclusive recipe content please email

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One-on-one RDN coaching
Kate offers one-on-one coaching sessions to help you successfully instruct your IBS clients on the low FODMAP diet. Learn key components of digestive health including; the role of probiotics and fiber, diet in SIBO, understanding the role of overlapping conditions that commonly occur in the IBS patient, and much more. To book a consultation email

Please note: All nutritional consultation visits are self pay at this time (effective September 1, 2015.)  We have moved away from providing insurance coverage in our practice as there has been an incremental increase in requirements for documentation and paperwork. The extra time spent on insurance billing and subsequent follow up with our billing company was impacting the time available for us to deliver exemplary, compassionate and comprehensive digestive health nutrition consultations.